stool redesign + refinish

so i needed stools for my creative space. yes it’s in my garage. and no, i don’t think i took process pix, darnit all. sigh to my impatient self. nonetheless, it’s mine. well, sort of. lately, it’s been overrun by bikes. ayyy.

i wanted a space to make/cut/sew/print, etc, to the tunes of my spotify playlists of course. i wanted it to be a messy space, where i didn’t care about tidying it up at all times. i also wanted to share it with my kids. thus the need for multiple stools.

i checked out some local thrift shops with a friend and came home with two that had makeover potential. my impatient self didn’t take pix of the before, arrghhh…

the before:

for stool #1, imagine, if you will, something like this: natural wood, painted green legs, country feel (hear the birds chirping?). stool #2, was a black wirey number with a white vinyl top (no back). yep, very disco.

stool like this  stool like this2

the after:

for stool #1: i spray painted the legs white and with sandpaper, roughed it up a bit at the seams. i stenciled the seat from a cool honeycomb template i got from my stencil 101 decor book. once i had the design penciled on, i used painter’s tape about the same width as the spaces in between to mask it off easily. i thought about painting the honeycombs white, but changed to brown at the last minute. i love happy accidents. for stool #2: i sprayed the legs a metallic silver. i bought some burlap from the store and folded it in half. i spray painted a black “V” on it and fitted it on the stool in a funky, asymmetrical way. i flipped the stool over, then staple gunned burlap to stool. oh yeah, there was some burlap shedding going on, so i googled, talked to friends and finally sprayed it with fixative. after all, form follows function, no? voila!

stool  v stool  create space-sm



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